Axens is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of technologies, products and services to the refining and petrochemical intermediates markets. They are also active in the alternative fuels and gas processing markets. Their strong position in petroleum refining covers virtually every area from liquefied petroleum gas sweetening through to vacuum residue conversion and includes commercially proven solutions for clean fuels production. They deliver complete basic engineering design packages to their customers, including HAZOP studies, detailed engineering reviews and more. Their technical and economic feasibility and optimization studies will help to guide your improvement programs. Axens is a world-class provider in the petrochemical sector, with leading positions in the purification of monomer intermediates and specialty olefins, and in the production and purification of cyclohexane, benzene, toluene and xylene. In gas processing, we have a long-standing lead in the supply of performance catalysts for sulfur removal from natural gas and from refinery gases by the Claus process. The company is also entering the natural gas liquefaction field (Liquefin process) and positioning itself in gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology (Gasel process). Axens continues to develop new technologies for the growing alternative fuels markets: biodiesel, high-quality distillates from coal and liquid products through the conversion of the synthesis gas from various feedstocks.

Axens’ main areas of activity include:
• Technology licensing, engineering design
• Developing, manufacturing and selling catalysts and adsorbents
• Providing consulting and software services: advanced control, simulators, technical and economic studies to optimize refining units
• Supporting our customers’ operations with: technical assistance for start-up and follow-up, supplying proprietary equipment, delivering training and managing the catalyst life cycle