SXEW plants and electrolytic refineries
SX stainless steel was introduced to the market by Edmeston in 1984. The introduction of SX equipment led to a paradigm change in the industry with equipment of reduced corrosion, prolonged life time, reduced maintenance and increased plant safety. SX is maintaining the leading position as the number one, standard for comparison, top performing alloy, for sulfuric acid service.
SX-EW performance monitoring and operator support
Outotec’s monitoring system enables improvements in SX-EW plant process control, which ultimately means increased throughput and recovery of copper and decreased chemical consumption. The system is based on on-line steady-state mass balances of the process and the utilization of COURIER® on-stream analyzer assays. The purpose of the system is to assist operators and plant metallurgists in daily process operating tasks such as process control, trouble-shooting and performance monitoring. The on-line user interface provides easy access for reconciled key material flows and performance figure information with diagnostic indicators of the extraction, stripping and electrowinning areas.
Outotec provides you with absolute highest quality sulfuric acid piping. Outotec Edmeston SX Piping Systems eliminate all the disadvantages of traditional materials, such as cast iron, and offer numerous benefits also compared to other alloys.

No leaks and maximum safety with minimized number of flanged connections
Minimum maintenance
Low installation cost, short installation time
Flexibility in design and installation
Smaller diameter piping can be used
Clean acid, no corrosion products
No need for inventory of spare parts
Lifetime expectancy equals plant life

Features of SX piping systems
Welded system with minimum number of flanges
Extremely low corrosion rate
Good weldability
No sensitivity to erosion or increased acid velocities
High ductility
Low weight
Available from stock
Highest quality assured through extensive quality control and NDT of all items