Automation and on-stream analyzers
Proven automation solutions improve plant efficiency and profits. Outotec is a leading supplier of intelligent instruments, advanced process automation systems and control solutions for mineral and metal processing industries.
State-of-the-art on-stream analyzers and automation systems have been used in concentrators and metal refineries since late 1960s. The company is both a market and a technology leader with more than 800 installed on-stream analyzer systems around the world.
We create control solutions by combining our knowledge and tools with the leading system manufacturers' hardware and software. As an example, we have been one of the first companies to implement fieldbus controls on production plants. Today, we continue developing and implementing novel production optimizing solutions.

The important aspects of automation in processes include the ability to stabilize and optimize the process and to gain an overview of production. Balances between departments involved in operations, from the roasting or direct leaching of different raw materials to casting are difficult to see and control, mainly due to long delays. The Outotec automation solution provides a long and short-term view of all of these processes. Outotec automation ensures that the equipment performs appropriately, the consumption of additive agents and chemicals is decreased and that variables such as impurity levels, process temperatures and element balances are fully controlled.
These benefits are gained while also improving safety issues with respect to operation, the equipment, the environment and personnel in an easy and convenient manner.  According to our experience since the 1980's, a close link between process and automation design has been vitally important to ensuring that the process is controlled as intended. The provision of automation, process design and project management from a single source eliminates expensive and restrictive